Bronwyn Clarke


Dr Bronwyn Clarke

Dr Bronwyn Clarke is a respected quantitative sheep geneticist with a strong consulting and leadership background in a career that has spanned consulting roles with MLA and AWI, the New Zealand Merino Company and significant contracts with Murdoch University and DPIRD.
She is currently president of the Association for the Advancement of Animal Breeding and Genetics (AAABG) and outside of agriculture, Dr Clarke holds a range of chairing and governance roles in the education and training sector.
Bronwyn commenced her role as Chair of WALRC in February 2022.

Esther Jones

WALRC Executive Officer

Esther Price

Esther is an experienced executive officer with an extensive network throughout the Australian red meat industry, from farm to research. Her 20-year career as the curator of major agricultural conferences and celebrations brings another dimension to her professional executive office services.