The Western Australian Livestock Research Council (WALRC) is a structure that was initiated by Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) to improve consultation with levy payers and industry stakeholders for the WA agricultural region and southern rangelands.

The primary task of the producer members of the Council is to review R&D project proposals that come in under the R&D project call and identify those proposals that best respond to the needs of southern region WA red meat producers.

To optimise the effectiveness of this review process, the Council members are obligated to ensure they are well connected with the red meat industry and actively participate in WALRC priority setting forums scheduled in the autumn of each year.

The great strength of WALRC is the forum it offers to connect the state’s red meat research community with the producers they service.


  1. Provide a clear process and structure for Western Australian livestock producers, industry and RD&A co-investor representatives to have input, review, debate and consolidate on-farm RD&A issues.
  2. Foster effective communication of on-farm RD&A outcomes and provide advocacy for continued RD&A service provision.
  3. Provide representation on the Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) Red Meat Panel to engage in the process of determining national investment priorities and maintaining a balanced portfolio.
  4. Link with WA sheep and beef industry Strategic Plans to ensure complementarity and cohesion to help drive Western Australian livestock industry priorities.

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